August 24, 2004

What Do You Think?

I find myself
Thinking of you from time to time
Flash back memory
Wish I could erase it so I could get on with my life

Everytime I see a woman
A couple
Or someone like you

I am sent back in time
Thinking of the good and the bad
And it's all because of you

I have burned your letters
Your Valentine's card
Erased your photos from my PC
I no longer have in possession anything that reminds me of that 'part'

I was supposed to marry you
You were supposed to come back
Why the hell did you lead me?
Why couldn't you just tell me from the start?

I'm a fool for having fallen for you
I'm a fool now for still thinking of you

It didn't seem logical to try to commit suicide twice in a row
Now the thoughts of that idea still come and go

What do you think?

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