September 11, 2004

Rapidly Blue - The Book

Just thought I would mention that I also have a book out here in Oman called Rapidly Blue which I compiled in 2003.

If you would like to get a free copy please contact me and I would be more than happy to send you a copy to a mailing address of your choice.

Thanks for your support!

September 07, 2004

This is me at Starbucks Shatti Al Qurum and the 'gang' - left to right: Ghareesh, Me, Abdullah and lastly: John

September 06, 2004

Funniest Love Poem Ever!

You’re someone special to me
You’re the air that I breathe
Without you, where would I be?

If you are the sun, I am the sea
I evaporate just like Lipton Iced Tea

You’re the one for me
You’re everything to me
You’re like rice and I am curry
We go along with spices, not honey

We would do candlelight dinners under the balcony
Where’d I’d ask you out, and you’d tell me to go to sleep

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, dear
‘Cause in my heart, there’s only you
And when you’re asleep, I hope you dream of me
‘Cause I only dream of you

I’ll love you always, forever

Without you, I am never

Wouldn't Life Be Easier?

Wouldn’t life be easier
If everyone minded their own business?

Some things are shit
Some people miss
Their own lives
Their own piss

I don’t miss her
Not anymore
Don’t know why
Don’t care no more

In the past
There was nothing to understand

Romance was in the air
I thought it was her

Now I don’t know anymore

This time it’s my fault, not hers

The Same Confusion

I am nauseated by the fact that I cannot be with anyone worthwhile
The fact that she was always not there
The fact that she is always complaining
Sometimes I am over my ears with her
Sometimes I am drowning in her love

But what really gets me down is the fact that when I am with some friends
And they all have someone
And I am the only shmuck with no one

Riding in the wind
All alone
Wiping these tears
On my own

Simple feelings
Go deep
Wasted all these years
Over a couple of dreams

Sunset in the wind
Dying in my heart
Left all alone
Left in the dark

I hate the fact that she is not there
I hate the fact that when I do really need her to hug me, to kiss me, just to hold me
She would not dare

Rivers tamed
Lay where the summer’s sun rays
But she would give out her hand

It’s either her makeup
Although she doesn’t put up much
Or it’s her problems with this or that
Not that I care anymore, or understand

I almost fell into the whirlpool of darkness
I almost died a few times
And all she could think about was herself
And how it would affect her life

Roses are red
Violets are blue
This white rose isn’t a white rose no more
I just don’t know what to do

Deep down in my heart
There are feelings I cannot control
Anger, sadness, broken heartedness
But I am still in the dark; a blind man, an egg on a roll

I cry my heart on this keyboard
Every night
Thinking, pleading, asking myself what I should do
About this shitty life

And everytime I come to the same conclusion
The same confusion

I cannot come to a single decision
I cannot come to anything at all
My mind is blank
I even forgot my name, its Ghosty y’all

Wake up to butter and bread
Jam and marmalade
Sunshine in her hair
The scent of waking up in the morning next to her
Just smiling back at you
Looking at you
Those big brown eyes

I am dying inside
Bother mentally and physically
Doctors say that I only have 20 years to live
I really don’t care anymore
I don’t have a chance in life anymore

Every single girl or woman
I have ever been in a relationship with
Has either left me for someone else
Or been engaged in one while in it


Help me
Kill this feeling, please
Let it leave me alone

Kill it with a knife
Or a boar
Something, anything
Just get it out of my way

Last words of a blind man

Let me see again
Let me breathe again
Let me feel again

Let me die, my friend


Now there were times when I felt sad
I needed to get back to the books of faith
And when I started to do that
I felt that there was more hurt, more pain

Too much tenderness
Makes you unaware
The more you get
The more to which you’ll swear

But, as opposed to that
You’ll wear a different hat
Each and every single day

And with that you may
Drink up of what you have left of what you have paid
And realize that there’s not one single person who cares so much of a bird’s lay

The thing is you see
What you have is not what you get
Whether you like it or not

You’re going to get what you get, like it, or regret

I Am Nobody

What I do
Is nobody’s business
Not anymore

The rivers gush up
What feelings I have
The waves, the currents, roar

I am a nobody
And nobody am I
In the eyes of the world, I am reckless
In the eyes of my own mother, I am a non-mentionable son-of-a-guy

What do they know?
What do they see?
The wonderous little world
That surrounds me

My tale is not to be told
What things I have in me, what my soul beholds

Turn to me, no more

For I am non-existent, nothing, lorn

Da Weep

Never mind the pain
Don’t worry about today

Some things
Are never meant to be
Whatever we have now
We must cherish or it’ll become obsolete

Why don’t we
Just forget about these things?
And just try to remember
What we don’t feel, what we don’t think

I live in a world
That is so beyond me
Never thought
I would ever to want kill the person in me

Some things
Are never meant to be
Whatever we do
Whatever we please

Now that I have said my part

Don’t weep on me my heart

Confused - Still

It’s sad to know.
What you didn’t know.

A friend of mine.
Asked me once.
What do you wanna be.
When you grow up?

I thought for a second.
And answered back.
Told him I don’t know.
Where I stand.

For the first time.
I’ve finally realized.
That I don’t know what I want to be.

Sure, I’ve still got time.
But I’ve gotta start thinking from this moment, right?
Otherwise, I’d end up being a sleaze.

This is not love.
This is my career.
I think I’ve been wrong.
All these years.

Wish someone.
Could point out the right way.
‘Cause I’m dying.

Of my lonely days

Absolutely Lost

Why should I waste
My pen
When no one actually reads these things?

Why should I write down
What I think
When no one actually listens?

There’s no point of building a house
With no roof
So why should I leave the ground
If I’m being stood?

Take a break from me
Then tell me if you believe
Am I the one?

If there’s no light to lead
And no one’s beside you to guide you to your needs

Then tell me why the hell should I follow on…?


It looks great on you,
With your smile,
I don’t know,
Maybe it’s the colour of life

I’m trying to find out,
Something new,
But everytime I try that,
I keep coming back to you

It’s your spirit,
Your love,
It’s your passion,
That I can’t get enough of

I guess that’s why,
I feel love all around,
Now I know,Why they call that color - “Brown”

Black Cloud

Black cloud
Fly over me
Run by
Into the next sea

The sea of depth
Depth of love
Where it is found
When it is lost

Black cloud
Don’t leave me alone
I need someone
To live my life with, to call my ‘love’

Someone who’ll love me
For being me
Not just because
I fulfill their fantasy

Black cloud
Tell them of my pain
How I am alone in this round
How I managed to keep myself sane

Not some fairytale
About some kid and a beanstalk
But a true one
About a heartbroken soul

Black cloud
Rain down on me

Hope this time around
That the pain I feel
Will disappear


Why were you,
Wearing Black today?
Is it that much,
A sad day?

I only took a glimpse,
With you walking out the door,
I thought I wouldn’t regret it,
But now I’m down on the floor

Will there be a day?
Will we ever meet?
I hope so

Some may say,
That I’m holding on to a hope so weak,
But I don’t think so

I don’t want to be seen in your eyes,
As a boy,
Who’s come with lively ideas in his mind,
And taking the girl’s heart as a toy

I want you,
To see me as a man,
Who will protect you,
Forever ‘til the end

Seeing you,
Gives me hope,
That this world has a better place,
For a dope

I kept looking for you,
In a subconscious way,
Then I saw your friends without you,
And I thought, you must’ve gone home to stay

Am I driving you,
Off my track?
Or do you want me,
To cut you some slack?

Answer me,
I want a reply now,
Don’t be afraid of me,

Just let the feelings flow

Will There Ever Be A Chance?

Will there ever be a chance
To have you in my life?
To love you, to have you
All day and night

Is there a chance?
That I could be forgiven?
That you would take me
Into your guiding rhythm?

Could there be
A better soul than yours?
Will I ever believe?
Like I have believed in your love?

Can there be a time
A time to forgive and see?
That you're my light
And shining dream

There are many things in life
That fulfills one's needs
But there's only time
To actually believe in a dream

Can come true'
Wish that I could believe in that

If you think you can dry these tears
Or believe that I love you
Then the solution's in your hands

This is hard for me
As it is hard for you
Don't you realize?

How much I'm in love with you...?

Is There Hope For Another Chance?

He’d walk through
The muddy lane
Thinking of what happened

The smile
The elegance
The fire
Of her presence

She was all he had
From this world
His family, his friends
They were all in blur

He found it hard
To believe
That yesterday she was there
Now she’s nowhere to be seen

Into the dry avenue
The time when he thought it was true

Somehow, there was something else about her
Something he knew, but couldn’t tell
Call it psychic, call it mental
He was digging deeper into an ever drying well

The sun hides
From the clouds
And so does he

He hides
From the sounds
Of what he used to believe

It’s things like this
That are hard to resist

Sitting down on a bench

He wishes for yet another chance

Give Me A Second Chance - Please

Wish I could have.
A second chance.
At love.

Just one more taste.
Of pure romance.
That’s all I ask of.

The tenderness.
That one feels.
That loneliness.
The disease.

You stay home.
By the hour.
Thinking who you’re gonna love.
And how it feels so sour.

Is it easy.
To forget?
How we were pleased.
By the love we met?

Times have passed.
To tell us we’ve messed up.
Big time.

But all I want.
Is a second chance.
At having a beautiful life.

Love is pure.
And undeniable.
Love is the cure.
That we’d die for.

But we must not be sealed by pretences.
How we feel is how we are sentenced.

Legal is the right.
We claim for.
But love is not the type.
That you just run for.

We may bleed.
We may still be able to breathe.
But we live for love.

Our souls may grieve.
Our senses may be sealed.

But it will never be enough.

Beach Party

I went to the beach.
Last night.
All night.

Trying to think.
If what I did.
Was wrong or right.

I went with my friends.
But that’s not.
Where the story ends.

It was.
A friend’s birthday party.
He invited all of us.
To hang out and be happy.

W had.
All sorts of FUN.
At least.
Most of us.

I was like.
The odd one out.
Sitting all night.
Just lookin’ around.

I almost went to tears.

Thinking there what happened through the past years

The Beach (2)

I wish I can go there now,
So I can get all this pain off my chest,
There’s a lot on my mind,
That I want to get out, so I can rest

I just love walking along its shores,
And looking into its salty waters,
While smelling it’s air

I hate having a heart that’s torn,
And not being able to talk to someone who can understand,
And not knowing that a friend still cares

If I ever get there,
I’ll just sit there on the ground,
And gaze into the horizon,

Until the Sun goes down

The Beach

There’s this place,
That still lies within my heart,
It’s the only place,
Where I felt recreation start

Whenever I go there,
I feel something overwhelming me,
It’s the only place where I don’t care,
What the world has done to me

You can get it all over there

This where you won’t find it - I swear

Although I haven’t seen it,
For quite some time,
I still remember it,
As the best place in my mind