July 29, 2005

This is how I feel - How about you?

I wish I could tell you how I feel
You have me at a corner unable to speak my heart out
The face I portray in front of my friends when I don't see you around
The sadness that I am filled with when all I can think of is you
You're not here
I can't speak to you
I can't even meet you
And the cards in my destiny keep on changing
The wind keeps on a-breezing
Slap me so I can wake up from my daydream
Tell me there's no luck in the future or the past
Just make me udnerstand that you're not meant for me
Rather than having me burn from inside
From looking for you
Searching for you
Thinking of you
Yearning for your presence
Longing to just talk to you
To see you
Just to enjoy the warmth that you spread when you're around
I wish I could get you out of my mind but I can't
I understand everything, by my heart doesn't; won't; and shan't

July 28, 2005

What is it that makes me lost for words?

Is it the way that you just talk to me?
Or is it the way that you smile at me?
Should I close my eyes and ears, I would still see you, hear you in front of me

I fear the worst, most of the times
I fear that I will never find the true meaning to life
But when I see you and the way you behave, I believe that time can be rewritten all over again

I can't be held responsible for my emotions
Its just not possible to avoid this heart of mine
If my mind were to do that one day
I would surely die of insanity of having to take your image out of my brain

Everytime I am down
I think of you and I am up again

Because your smile will simply not die
Never have I seen a frown on your graced face

Anyone can write poetry like I can
Its the talk, that I seek, behind the pen and the pad

I realize you're still in a mix up
But what can I say?
My eyes look for you
Almost everyday

If these words are intended for something
Then intended they are
To break through the ice
That baracades your heart

July 13, 2005


This blog is now on suspension until further notice..

July 08, 2005

A Poem About You

Sometimes it’s hard to think
Sometimes it’s hard to imagine anything at all
Right now I can't imagine my life without having to talk to you or seeing you
Any day at all

Don’t get me wrong
I only feel that we easily connect as the friends or cousins we are
We needn't go any far
Believe me; these words come from the heart

Not out of being depressed or feeling sad
If ever at all, it’s because I am glad
Glad that I have someone who I can talk to freely happily and almost without a boundary
Even though that we can never be together
Right now or possibly ever, doesn't make me happy but I respect you
Don’t ground me

I have said what I said about how I feel
I am the kind of person whose feelings do not conceal
I am like what most people say an open book to be read
If you ever had the time
To read me once in a while
Let me know what you think of the author
That’s, if.. You have the time

What pushes me to you is not how beautiful you are
Nor your sizzling figure
Or your simply gorgeous smile
That makes the world pink along with you
But it’s what you have to talk about
The way you talk about it
And the way you listen, always have fun, and never seem to be depressed, ever

This is all I can say
If I pushed myself over the line, please excuse me
I only dared myself to say what's on my mind to be honest and true to you, believe me
Should you not agree with what I said
Then you can ignore it totally and just let it goes, and forget

I apologize again
I sincerely do
This is what I am

And this.. Is what I do