August 24, 2004

In The Depths of My Soul

In the depths of my soul
In the relics of my goal
I know not what I should do

I know only that I must get up everytime I fall
I know that everytime my heart breaks that I must laugh not cry
I know that everytime I hold pain in my heart that I would crack and with that, my life would be gone

Life for me is a matter of chances
Like my dreams just a matter of glimpse
Glimpses of my past
Glimpses of my future
And the life I live in the present

Turn out to be my present
Turn out to help me in my future
Kill my past and let me live on

A flower will always be a flower
The weather will always change but I will endower
Sunshine will come out one day and I will laugh like a baby

When I see you, with that smile for me, which you won’t deny me

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