January 26, 2005

Run, David, Run

Run David, run
Run to where the soul never dies in the horizon of the sun
To where life gives you the joy of being by her side

When you wake up
And the first thing you smell is her scent
You just stay there in bed
Looking at her sleeping head
Wondering if this is Heaven or Hell

Jumping to conclusions ahead of time
Run David, run into the sun's eyes

The birds cheer outside
The air is still
The only sound you can hear
Is her breathing deep

'Should I get up and walk away?'
'Should I stay and let time take it's toll?'

It's funny how silly thoughts
Can start to creep into your mind and begin to roam

Run David, don't stop
Don't stop 'til you have found the one

January 23, 2005

Blue Eyes Blue

Blue eyes blue
Why I wonder I love you
Is it because of your curly hair?
Or the beautiful smile you always wear?

Blue eyes blue
Why I wonder I so adore you
You make my saddest day a happy one
God! I love you so much!

Oh wonder of beauty and love that is ever to meet
Oh how I wonder if this is all real?
I wonder if I'm living a dream
If I am, let me not wake from my sleep

Life is a child
Waiting for the next toy to play with
You are that child to me in my eyes
One to be hugged so tight
To love, to endure, to embrace
Smile upon me with your happy face

Blue eyes blue
How I wonder if you know this is the way I think about you?

January 17, 2005

Rapidly Blue 2: Nova's Secret


I'm back.. after a long period of waiting.

Had some things to take care of - literally. Ha ha ha ha.

And now that I am back I would like to announce also that I am on the verge of publishing my second book titled - Rapidly Blue 2: Nova's Secret.

It should be out by the end of February and I am hoping to reach an agreement with my sponsor to donate the full proceeds of the sales towards the Tsunami relief program.

This second book marks quite a truimph to me, not only in the literall sense, but also on a personal overview of the events that I have been through (although it may not show within the poems marked inside of the published artwork).

Pushed by the positive vibe that it holds, and the truth that it tries to unfold in this sphere which we live in, I am hoping Rapidly Blue 2: Nova's Secret will have a better chance at success if not in the personal overview much less than that of the message that I am trying to get across.

Here's to the future..