August 17, 2004

A Never-Ending Quest For A Dream To Be - Part Two

Are dreams
That’s how they’ll always be

But reality
Is a fantasy
That you have to reach

Reaching the possibility
To a certain difference in your life
Like the difference
That is between life and death; it is only gained in time

If you live today
You’ll die tomorrow
If not physically
Then you’ll feel strangled in sorrow

Sorrow is a sea
A tangled sea
A sea so black, that you can’t see your reflection off of it

But only
If you believe
That you can do it, will you pull yourself, and rise up

But that too
Is a dream
A dream which you need to wake up to
So you can believe

Let the sun shine in from the east
And the moon from the west
But one day, you’ll know
Your heart will have found it’s quest

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