August 18, 2004

Off The Top of My Head

The reason to which I stopped
To believe
That there is a reason
To actually live
Is anonymous…

What emotions
I quiver
In my state
What desire
What fanaticism
What pain – Why wait?

The drive you drive
In this life
The psycho-mental barriers
Of “I’ve never had that”

Your eyes look upon everything
And everything looks upon you
Why marry? Why contraire?
Why even think k it through?

“Two hearts
May beat as one”
One day, one of them
Is going to be as lonely as the setting sun

The single nerve
In my body
Tells me
That I am a nobody

Woven ties
Head in the sands
This what
I have come to understand

The dark night
The shirt, grey
Beautiful women
Will come and go away

What power I have
Is beyond me
Only the strongest will pass
And that is not me

Why pass?
When you can surpass?
The things I try to do
To not considers the things past

Die in Rome
Or Australia
It doesn’t matter
What’s going to kill ya, is going to kill ya

So now the question is:
What’s to going to happen now?
Will it be the red pill?
Or will it be the blue pill?

I may be confused
On what to do
I may be surprised
On whom I am
Maybe I should eat nuts
Or a coke
Do you really fancy one?
My mind spoke

Writing this
Off the top of my head
On a desktop
In my room
The golden treasure
Of the talented

Is where I patched it

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