August 17, 2004

A Blind Man's Dream - Part Two: Love - Mishap Or Preface?

Compare our lives
And the times we shared
Can't we just take it all back?
Can't we take back what we once had?
Wouldn't you want to know?
What I'd like to be?
I want to be your lover
Your spouse. That's if you want me

I believe I will die
In the wind
I believe a lie
Will break your wing

Give me life
Give me my day
Give me the time when I will believe
That I was born with what I have, no chance of give and take

Some take the chance
Of healing a broken heart
By falling in love again

Fall apart
And damage everything around them

"My heart is unplugged"

"Your soul is still young"

"On Valentine's I was alone"

"It doesn't mean you will be alone"

"You being alone"
"Is just a test"
"When you're on your own"
"Give your life a think"

"You will, once again, open your eyes"

"And what is the point, when I don't see what I like?"

I open my eyes
Only to see the darkness
Sound without sight
Eternal darkness without a hope for light

"Your heart is full of passion"
"So do not fail"
"You will find what you've dreamed of"
"But you have to be fair"

I'm still stuck
In a child's land
I don't know what to do
Or where I am

I know
You won't know me by now
The happiness we once had
Has all faded somehow

I only exist in these dreams
Where I am blinded by reality
Blinded by fate
Blinded by the dream of seeing thee

Awake in my own dream…

"He's waking up"
"What do we do?"
"Act as if nothing is wrong"
"Just be cool"

"I missed you"

"I missed you, too"

"How do you feel?"

"Horrible. Entangled with fear"

Her hand
Rubbing my own
A tear down the cheek
Of such sweet charm that I have ever known

She left here
She went away
She thought
That it was okay

She tried to explain
But I wouldn't give her the chance
I wouldn't listen to her excuse
I didn't want to understand

Stabbed in the heart
Cut deep
She leaves me
When I needed her desperately

"You know…"

"…There's no need"

You might as well
Have killed me right there, and then
This is the truth I write
My hand and this pen

Cry again
Cry, cry again
I don't care anymore
Even though I think of you, time and time again

You're a misery
A lot more like a nightmare
You are the slithering disease
That will never let me be

The cry of pain
Of suffering
Where you can't go on anymore
No point in living

Hold my breath
Start to wonder why
Why God ever created Earth in the first place?
Why I was ever given life?

Why did I ever meet you?
What was the cosmic reason behind me meeting you?

"I will live on this way"
"I guess"
"A Creator's invention"
"All messed"

"Don't say that"
"You know that's not the truth"
"There will be a day"
"You'll see with your own two"

If this had been a true dream
I would said to you
You are a flower
To me
You are a star
To me
You are the world
To me
You really are
You see
But no longer, you see
The dreams we built you threw them all into the sea

Jumbled dreams
Crumpled hopes
I am seized by this entity
By my neck, by a rope

No such thing
As hope
In my world

No matter
To what others may say
About love

I am already buried
Beneath the sands of time
Of the trace of women's broken promises
Of giving me a new life

Now that the question is answered
As far that it is considered to me
Why waste my time and yours
By telling this tale again?

No point in life
No point in having a heart
No point in having a soul
No point at all
If you don't have someone
So sweet
So into you
So in love with you
Who thinks the world of you
Wouldn't know what to do without you

There, I have said it
This is my tale
A blind man in this world of lies
Let the Sun set, now that all has failed…

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