August 18, 2004

Torn Souls

Ghost at my path
Things I may never come to comprehend

The beggar at the streets
The children’s tears
How much more will we be silent?

Defenders of the faith
We are ones who know of the pain
Dare you, to mute yourself, against the children’s crying?

These pictures
We see
The motions
We seek

I was born free
I will live free
I will die a free soul

To those who think they are weak
To anyone who thinks they are not of need
How do you face this call?

The call of the innocent
Who howl out of pain
Who’s skin, soul, lifetime’s memories
Have been torn away

We sit in our homes
Silent tears
When will we ever overcome
These silly, stupid, fears?

I see myself
Among fighters
Thrashing away
At those who attempt to steal my lifetime’s possessions

Rebel soul
Nothing less, nothing more

The secret of life
Is to live each day at a time

Plan ahead
You may
But don’t be surprised
If one day, your plans are changed

The heart
Can only belong to one
Take your time
To find that ‘one’

Don’t cry at my words
Do something for our world

It’s never too lateTo stop the pain

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