August 18, 2004

Missing You

I miss you
As much as the night misses the day
Where I would walk away your grief
And make your life happier, more straight

I wish to God
That there was a star
Named after you
Blessed by you
As it intensifies in lightening because of you
Twinkling, ever so brightly, because of a hope of seeing you
With the wind in the air
And the sea breath running through and through

Bright as this sunshine day was
Bright as it could ever be
It would never be as bright
As the day I would see thee

In return to the moment
Of the star
To understand
Who you really are

Wondrous world
Of you
Not black, not pink
But blue - velvet blue

Somehow, grabbing a moment
Is like thinking of you
For one brief second
I only think of you
No matter how bad the times are
I always come back to the thought of you

Simply because
You are you

You are a true wonder of the world
Running upside down, you make my life twirl
Truly you are, a pearl

Loving you
Missing you

Where are you, girl?

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