June 24, 2005

Dear Winter..

Dear winter
Dear heart
Dear eyes
That sparks in the dark

I wish you could see what I could see
I wish you could feel what I could feel
I dare not say how I do
I dare not look into your eyes the way I want to

I would love to tell you
Eye to eye
Heart to heart
Had I the wil
The courage
The power

But to move such a feeling
Out of my body
Through my mind
By my lips
To say your name
To have your image all the time in my mind

But what can I say?
What can I do?
Behind these white sheets
Behind these semi colored curtains

I see your smile
All I want to do is smile back
And when you laugh it feels like heaven is spreading its wings on me
Although I am suffering, silently because of what is going on with me

My only wish
My only desire
Is that you would have been free as a bird

But my luck is bad
And sometimes under minded
And that's why you're so far away from me

I hide behind my smile
The tears that I should be crying
The pain I hold in my heart from the silent darkness that I am lost in
Suffering, tear by tear
Whispering, for you to bring me in

What can I say?
What can I do?
I am here for a reason
Perhaps many

Life beyond life
Scream beyond scream
Silent as a disease
Silent beyond the whispering wind in the trees

Flare upon flare
Time after time
This is my curse
This is my life as it is pointed out in the timeline

But I am only kidding to myself
Because you have heart set on someone else
And we have only just met
And I am bound to stay for all time like this

How can I know?
How can I see?
How can I put my eyes to the path?
To the way I should seek?

Waves upon the sea

Some things
Are just
Not meant to be

June 23, 2005

Hey folks...

I got some good news and some bad news...

The good news is that I am out of hospital (not that I have that many fans through my blog or outside - awwwww).

The bad news however is that I am postponing my book release to Autumn or Winter of this year because I feel it is a) Incomplete and b) a bad time for me to market my book at this time because it's summer and none of you would be around plus the fact that I am in no condition of doing anything about the project.

So my most sincere apologies to anyone who was anticipating the arrival of the new book. But please do keep in touch for any updates should there be any on this blog or SleeplessInMuscat .

So, see ya around..