August 24, 2004

Happy Valentine's

Is it right for me to see your smile
And not be blessed by it?
Is it right for me to see you pass by there
In the most beautiful form, and not complement it?

Is it right that you should walk on and not know that I am there for you?
Is it right that I would see a red rose and could not give it to you?

Would it be right that you are somewhere so far
That I don't know where you are
That I cannot feel your compassion for the passionate person you are
And still live on with my life as it is?

Is it right that you love someone and you don't know who
That everyday passes by and you gain loneliness and solitude
And pass everyday as if there will be something else new
To happen, like the sight of having to see you?

Is it fair - ever - that you should pass out on the chance
That you should try to flirt with a woman in order to understand
Whether you're a pig, an ass, or purely gentleman

That she would love you for you are
Not because of your appearance and how skinny you are
Or because of the way you hum to every song
And how annoying it is not to get the attention you need while she is on the phone

My heart holds the love we need

My life is a root, water it with love - please?

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