May 30, 2005

Your Whisper Is My Joy

I hear the whisper of your voice in my ear

Tended words, do I hear

You giggle

You laugh

You make my heart bounce with joy

I sit there on the phone

Hearing you out

Tears, in my eyes, from such happiness atoy

Loving words, I do hear

Expressions, from your face, I sense in your voice - I feel

When you fiddle with a pencil in your hand

What's going on your mind - I'd like to understand

The time you were smiling and wrapping your finger around with your hair

It is you, I would like to see. Your eyes twinkling, with a smile upon your face

Tears, not Drops

I don't want to say anything to you anymore

You mocked at me and my heart you tore

You denied that you had anything to do with me

You said you wouldn't be the last or the first to do this to me

Yet the day shines like nothing had ever happened

And night comes over like the midnight blanket

And I cry upon my bed thinking of the times we had

And why was it, I would wonder, you never did understand

When I am alone I would stroll into the alley of my thoughts

Within me, my heart throbs

And my eyelids, the fill up with tears not drops

And I cry for you silently in my soul, but you hear me not

Now that I am alone, does your heart ever ask about me?

Or am I just another leaf, falling off an autumn tree?

The Rest is up to You

How far is the sun that's in your eyes?

The twinkle that sparkles when you smile?

By the beauty which you are graced.

I smile, because of the feelings, inside me, that erupt.

Oh wonder of beauty and love that is ever to meet.

Is this the chance that I ask for or is it too soon to be deemed?

Walking statue of life

Build upon emotional tides

Where timing is impecable

You're tempted to dance with the Devil

But God is in your favor

And the rest is up to you

My Love for you is out of this World

My love for you is out of this world

And I love you so much that it hurts me to see you go away so far away to a distant place. While I am here.

Thinking of you.

Dreaming of you.

Night and day.

I wish you were here.

Right beside me.

Loving me.

Holding me.


I wish for you all the happiness in the world - because my love for you is out of this world...

My Eternal Valentine's

I saw you one day
I saw you smile elegantly
I saw your beauty being dangled like a boat upon the seas

I saw the blue ribbon on your hair
I saw the light that shines off you like moonlight in the midnight air

I saw you and I thought 'What an Angel'
I saw you and my heart pounded increasingly leaving my senses fabled

Brown eyes, black hair
The truth - the beauty inside her heart
Injected by inner beliefs
Tender loving moments - will she ever help me out of the dark?

I wake up to the noise of the people around me
Destined to be alone? I hope not. I hope one day she would surround me

Living the daylight in my dreams
Reality, will one day, be achieved
Senses to touch, to smell, to breathe
You, my love, are my eternal valentine's - the one single beauty, I would always be there for thee

Is It You?

How far is the sun that's in your eyes?

The twinkle that sparks when you smile?

By the beauty which you are graced

I smile because of the feelings inside me, that erupt

Oh wonder of beauty and love ever to meet

Is this the chance that I ask for or is it too soon to be deemed?

Walking statue of life

Built upon emotional tides

Where timing is impeccable

You're tempted to dance with the Devil

But God is in your favor

And the rest is up to you

I find it hard not to think about you everyday

I find it hard not to fall for you

I wish I could tell you all and more

Attraction at sight

My feelings i cannot deny

Is this the truth?

Are you really the one for me?

I'd like to say I love you

But I can't

Whatever is between us

Is bigger than what love can comprehend

The delightful tone of your voice

The smile, the way your laugh twists my choice

I wish I could say I love you

But I can't

This is bigger than what love can ever be

I know this because your tag says 'made in Heaven'

But does that mean that we will ever be?

I could always call you honey

Or honeycomb

Or just plain love

But that would be an understatement of the above

I could go on 'til the end of the night

About the how, when, and why

I would search the Heavens for the answer

But in the end, the answer is in my heart

Shattered by the glass that is portrayed

I breathe in the air around me

Scent of color and stench

Dirt, I am in, covered to the skin

Sense to the touch, smell and the mind, to think

Flower upon the beach

My hand in yours in the winter breeze

Is this reality? Or a dream?

Insanely, Yours

I wonder of you being alone at night

Your breath silently on the nightly pillow

Your presence in my life

Is what keeps me warm in this cold

I stay awake at night and hear you call my name

Through the window do I gaze

I see the moonlight through the glass does it shade

And yet, you are not here to share this moment with me

The blankets around me, do I wrap

The bitterness, the loneliness that makes my facely tears gasp

Thinking of you in this winter night

Do you hear my thoughts?

Do you hear me scream silently alone?

For I am forever, insanely yours

I Love You So Much

I love you so much.

I will never let you go.

Not as long as there is a breath in my body.

Not as long as my heart beats for you.
And not as long as you say you love me.

For my love for you is most definitely - true

Dark 'tis the day without You

In the meanwhile
I am driven to think of you all the time
Whilst I walk in the park
I see this couple hand in hand

Looking, gazing at each other smiling away
One playing with the other's hair
Speaking softly so no one else can hear
What loving words they share
I would die to feel like that again
Just to hold you in my arms once again

Flowers can die
Clouds can fly over the seas
But a person like you
I will never again meet

Blue Eyes Blue

Blue eyes blue
Why I wonder I love you
Is it because of your curly hair?
Or the beautiful smile you always wear?

Blue eyes blue
Why I wonder I so adore you
You make my saddest day a happy one
God! I love you so much!

Oh wonder of beauty and love that is ever to meet
Oh how I wonder if this is all real?
I wonder if I'm living a dream
If I am, let me not wake from my sleep

Life is a child
Waiting for the next toy to play with
You are that child to me in my eyes
One to be hugged so tight
To love, to endure, to embrace
Smile upon me with your happy face

Blue eyes blue
How I wonder if you know this is the way I think about you?

A Flower Is Only As Pretty As A Flower

The world revolves around so fast around

Time is without a bound

Life is just 'one of those days'

Pretty bees walking past and through

Boys and girls talk and play

Your mind's thoughts start to form a queue

Shattered glass of the past

Future to what we do not understand

How is it that life is like a maze?

Or is it all a master game?

Fever touches me high

I wheeze under the pain

And feel as if a painful rock on my chest

That holds my will to say what I want to say

But a flower is only as pretty as a flower

And the rosebuds with their intoxicating scent will endower

The very confusion that clouds my will power

And by that time I will have found out that this all written for me