February 26, 2007

Horizon newsletter: 1st poetic story - Change

He woke up with a fear of terror. Of pain and grief and feelings that he never felt before. He woke up to the change. People he had never seen their face. He woke up from a slumber of both body and mind. Of where beauty once lay; and now ugliness leaves its trail behind.

‘I must be dreaming to see all this disaster and commotion
I have to wake up; to get up; and shake free these notions’

Of a life once past and now has changed. Of timid waves that slowly drift away. Of sadness so appealing, it takes over your soul. Of the life we know not; no longer; anymore.

He looks at the trees that were once green. That had birds perched on its branches and protected by its leaves. He looks at the shadows the Sun shuns away. He looks at the dried land of where water was once astray.

Sadness and grief fill his heard and soul. No one around to help him off the rock bottom floor.

‘Not a wind
Not a breeze
Not a cloud in the sky
To cool down the burning sensation in my feet’

The black ocean that surrounds dead meat. Everywhere he goes, he is met by grief. The morbid sense of fate that owned by man. His fault. His guilt. The consequences on which he could comprehend. The warning signs that just never ceased to end.

‘There may be seven skies that I live under
But I failed to come to terms with the responsibility that resulted in my plunder

I had chosen to turn a blind eye to the small considerate facts
Thinking that it was all a phase and that, with time, it was going to pass
I made a mistake that is unforgivable

The choices I heed, the example I lead, the future tells me now that such options, put on ground, were not indestructible’

He walks the planks of burnt wood in dismay. The life these pieces use to fortale.

‘There are no children
There is no sound

No flutter
No music
Just the smell of death, all around
I’ve seen the worst
In my days

The life I used to give
To see that one true bright day
Have we learnt nothing?
To come to such a day?

To live in the misery of our ill-choices?
The feeling of heartache vain?

I choose not to give in to this circumstance.
I choose hope and the ability to make future generations understand

Understand that it is within their hands
They hold the hope of a new future
The bounds are limitless, borders unknown
Only the mystery of our future that lies ahead’

Kneeling down, to his knees, he sees a plant that has been pulled out of the ground. He surrenders to the new will to change his future of which he has now found.

Takes the plant into hand. Gently replanting it into the Earth.

'Now, I have set a new hope for tomorrow
All that’s left is for us to see how well our unborn children learn to cope’

February 21, 2007

Rapidly Blue III: Private & Confidential

Work is now afoot on collecting new pieces of poetry for my 3rd poetry book.

The current going title for the collection is 'Private & Confidential'.

I am setting a deadline for me to finish it between 6-12 months time for an early 2008 release, inshallah.