March 12, 2007

we, the people

Don't ask me who I am
Don't ask me where I've been
It's not that important
Compared to the state of the world that we now live within

We live through our dreams today
Yet we die tomorrow
We have no gain
Yet we go in vain
By killing each other

There's no such thing as peace
Unless we work on realizing the goals we want to achieve

We don't know what's right from wrong
The sins we did in the past, we do not own
The choice of life is given to us when we are born
But to speak your mind is considered a crime that we're equitted of, when we're done

The time we live in
The path we take on
Choices we don't own
But are imposed

So, you ask me were I have been
And you ask me who I am
Would you still like to know?
Would you - I wonder - understand?

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