March 04, 2007

Someone Please End My Pain

I want to cry
Take out my pain
I want to cry
Cry out in vain

I want to rip out my heart
Until my body can no longer feel
Where pain is a friend
With no secret to conceal

I want to stab myself
And bleed in vast amounts
Where the only choice given
Is beyond any reason to doubt

I want to cry an ocean of tears
Bare the happiness that this world concieves
And no longer become a human being
But a broken heart
A person with no soul
Only candlelight in the dark

I want to n longer exist and comprehend
Become mentally challenged so I wouldn't be able to repremend

A lonely heart
A lonely soul
A world that doesn't want to give back
A fool with horns
A choice I wish I could take
A choice I bare to my dying day

Conjucted minds of mission upon mission
A lie of a tale that takes only prisoners

I want to cry out
I want to die now
I want to no longer live
In this world I see now

Someone please end my pain..

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