March 21, 2007


Tell me why do I weep
When I smile?
Why I cry
Like an innocent child?

Every moment I try to think of a happy moment
I feel like I am empty inside
The hassles I have gone through
All through my entire life

I feel, as if though, I am unworthy of this life
I am unaware of what lies on the way to take me on it's stride

I am the sun that slowly withers away
The darkness that fills up the room when the light is switched off
I am the thought that passes through a person's mind
The anxieties of an alone, lonely child

I am the feeling that is borrowed within
I am the shadow that conceals itself to its whims

I am but the life that I live
Do I really ever exist?


secure said...

I enjoyed reading it. =)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

are you just saying that?

Meticulousness said...

I don't think so, 'cause I've enjoyed it too.

Gargoyle said...

It strikes a chord. A deep and heavy one. Very nice.

Radhiya ALRuziqi said...