March 20, 2007

The Truth

I feel so much love inside
I feel like I miss you for eternity - a time
I am full of energy, flare and galore
I am so happy but my mind wants to ignore

I cherish the love that I feel
But go on with my life - with it - to conceal
For now is not a time to lose sight of the right track
For the end result to come out and for me to be able to understand

I am waking up to a new me
The one I have always wanted to be
For a lifetime to live
A soul to give
A heart forever yours
Your face, your presence, that has me standing still

Yet, I still don't understand
Why is it that you don't want me as your man
For you say you feel not for me
Nor does your heart and mind
Is it a game of agony I put myself into?
Or the truth that I am - to - blind?

I only wish for your heart and your smile
I want nothing but happiness for all your life
I only want you forever by my side
But reality bends for no one and no one should ever have to live a lie

Of all the women in the world
I only want you
You always ask me 'why'
And I tell you 'because I sense it is the truth'

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